Adam and Eve II Chapter 1

The train moved quickly behind the apartment buildings and the junk yards, all abandoned, all alike now. The few passengers who filled up the cabin en route the final enclave of civilization. Many thought this was the end, as he did too, given his practical nature after years in engineering. On what basis did he have to reason that this experiment would work? The end was neigh!

He learned the falseness of this claim a week prior to his scheduled departure. The end was not neigh; the beginning had finally arrived. Some cryptic, new-age, cult pamphlet landed on his door step with the daily rations. He looked at his neighbors’ stoops and didn’t see the same flyer then took a stroll, dangerous that it may have been, to determine who else had the flyer in the building. None.

Odd twist, he laughed. Some cult trying to recruit me when the end has already arrived and now I can go join a group of whack jobs set to launch themselves to the planet behind the comet. Eunuchs all.

He called, thought a good laugh might get him through the dark day. When the very rational voice on the other end of the line answered with a knowing greeting, “Hello, Adam, I am glad you called.” His guard dropped.

“You know me?”

“Of course.”

“Oh, dude, this is some trippy post-apocalyptic shit?”

“Not really, but perhaps you could see it that way, but I would argue that you should give me a fair chance by meeting me at the old book store on the corner of Boush and Main.”

“Okay, when?”

“No time like the present,” He said as if it were the absolute truth and not some silly cliché.


He donned his street clothes and strapped on his sidearm. There were no bullets to be found in this part of his city, but no one knew this yet. Besides, the street was littered with unused shells. This was a bold man.

When he arrived at the book store, an older gentleman greeted him, “Adam? Hello.” Walking through the door of the store was like a trip back to better days. The store was well kept, unlike every other store in the city that had been looted. The shelves were stocked with new titles as though people were still writing, buying, and reading books.


“Yes, obvious reasons.”

“Agreed. Do you come prepared to help?”

“Well, I don’t really know do I? Who are you?”

“I am Doctor Smith, and I believe this is your medical record?”

“So it would seem. Why do you have it?”

“We have been searching for a chosen one, and you, by luck, have won the draw.”

“Chosen one? So you are a whack job?”

“No, Adam, you happen to be the last fertile male on Earth. I need you to help me start over again.”

“Umm, what?”

“You, Adam, oh and isn’t that a nice twist, by the way, Adam, it is like God has a sense of humor after all, so many doubted after the last couple of years of activity down here. Any rate, you are the chosen one, we need you to seed the earth with a new race of homo sapiens, we shall name later.”

“Okay, and how do I do this?”

“Find Eve.”

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