Worth Wake Up

Good morning Go Dog Go Treetop Cafe! Let this poem be your inspiration today, rise up, speak fearlessly from your heart and welcome this fine writer to the Cafe!

Bruised But Not Broken

It’s time to wake up to your own worth.

I’m talking to YOU.

The ones that know the strength of their 

Soul is enough to crush the limits our weak 

flesh fears.

The ones that have known suffering.. 

Grief, addiction, heartbreak.

The ones that grew with trauma as an ally 

and knew no friend as close to them as 

their own hurt. 

To the ones that think they are ordinary,

but couldn’t be any farther from it.

To the ones that bend their bones to help

another feel safe in their own skin.

To the ones that fight to survive, 

in silence, in solitude. 

I see you.

And you are stunning in all that you are.

You don’t see those wings beating behind

your back but you can hear them drumming

to the pace of your heart. 

Beat them harder.

I have learnt that people think they are 



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8 thoughts on “Worth Wake Up

    1. S Francis

      While I haven’t had a chance to dive into her pool of work (I have barely had time to visit with my old friends, let alone really spend the right time making new ones) this poem really resonates with me.

      Liked by 2 people

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