‘This umbrella tires of holding up the rain’

This umbrella tires of holding up the rain
Her water proof nylon grown thin, ribs
Starting to bend to the wind. A tired
Whisper: “let the rain drench you.”
Wind blown sideways, like the sky
Asking for directions, falling
To earth looking for suture to heal
Us: our stars and their stories.

This umbrella tires of holding up the rain.
It beseeches me to close it and look up
At the patterns raindrops make falling
Like a web of stars torn apart,
Looking for a new storyteller
To mix the tonic God pours down on us.
“Wrap your arms around me,” she says,
“Let the story fall on its own.”

Umbrella, I tire of holding back rain.
Open me up and let me catch it.
This mystery falling I can no longer solve,
So choose, instead, to break the patterns
Allowing the water to resolve its story
In rivers tumbling like children to the sea.
Holding my collapsing ribs, holding frayed
Skin together, she accepts the rain inside.

Inspired by Murakami’s Norwegian Wood
Image: Me; top of Sugarloaf, Wales


16 thoughts on “‘This umbrella tires of holding up the rain’

    • Mr. D, this poem connects me with both the environment of Wales and the writing of Murakami and you giving it the thumbs up of approval means all the more to me! We had high tea and went to Waterstones in Abergavenny, a funn little town. The places we stayed just outside the town was a restored barn just at the entrance to the trail for Sugarloaf. Truly beautiful in every way. Thank you for reading and your continued support in my digitial hibernation.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Vanessa! Thank you so much. I had been wanting to get back to spending time with my writing over the past couple of months and work on the craft of writing more than the volume. So far it has been a really rewarding journey. I am grateful for both your words and continued support even if I have become a bit of a digital hermit!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sounds very wise of you. I am glad if it has been rewarding!
        And you are most welcome. I am so very grateful for all of the support you gave me over the last few months! It really means a lot.


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