An Invitation to Meet God

I am going on a walk, down the drive
To the fork, take a right, nowhere to be,
Nowhere to go, I leave to feel alive.
Top of the hill, the thicket opens up.
I plunge into the ferns playing under
Tree’s crinolines like little boys peaking
Up skirts for forbidden knowledge needed
To prove their worth as boys. I moved beyond
Those values to find something different
Among the green leaves, an invitation
To meet God. Forbidden knowledge whose worth
None will ever know draws me in deeper
Until I find the stump of a chopped tree,
Moss covered, a throne in need of a prince,
I climb up its perch and look around me.

I yield the art of God

To the Painter who knows how to preserve
His beauty. I absorb it into veins
Until time reveals how my heart has changed.
Inside this moment, I cannot rush, no
Place to be, no place to go, I arrive
With divine invite. A field of young ferns
Look up to me, here, aloft on my stump,
Not any wiser than when among them
I climb down to be among them again.
They whisper at this fool, but I can hear
Nothing. If these ferns could climb they would see
Collecting water in their leaves letting
It drip back in the dirt to start over
again was all they needed. I can feel
Stillness. My invitation to meet God:


© Stephen Fuller 2017


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