Reflections at Kranji War Cemetery, April 25, 2017 (ANZAC Day)

The sun rises. The sun always rises,
But it is today’s rising that matters.
We pause to remember the fallen
Sons and daughters at Gallipoli.
Children who saw their last sun too soon
Maybe passing their last day frightfully
Unaware that the sun had risen, as always.
For them we gather here, our voices
Not known then, or even imagined,
Now, together, sing Abide With Me
In faith that these ghosts who hover in dew
Their ethereal whispers will haunt with purpose
Those of us who still hear a call to arms.
We wish to never raise these arms, but will.
We wish to never meet new ghosts, but will.
We wish to pray at dawn tomorrow, and will.
We wish to gather among these ghosts next year
And years hence, but if comfort again flees
We will haunt new voices singing Abide With Me.

5 thoughts on “Reflections at Kranji War Cemetery, April 25, 2017 (ANZAC Day)

  1. S Francis says:

    Today is our Memorial Day for Americans. These days, like ANZAC connect us to the complex mix of atrocity and heroism that is war. May we always remember so that we pause long enough to appreciate what we have and what we can lose if we give up on the systems of peace that sustain us.

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  2. TheSentinel334 says:

    We visited the Australian War Memorial in Amiens a few years ago. There were 4 of us in the group. To stand there in the early morning dew and try to comprehend the atrocities that took place was hard.
    Visible bullet holes in the building from battles past a modern reminder of what people sacrificed for their country with no hesitation whatsoever.
    It was so humbling to stand and acknowledge these heroes, complete strangers to me, that didn’t know what awaited them on the train journey out from the main town.

    This has been the most poignant moment of my mortal life, and I cannot thank these ancestors enough, for giving me the life I have today.

    I am so happy I read this today. Thank you so much.

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