He Rebuilds a Lost Sister (for Jack)

Lost in the supermarket
My special Lego creation
Lost somewhere between
Gummies and hot dogs.

Mommy looked all over
But can’t find it
It’s okay, I’ll build another.
I know I can build another one.

Just two shoulders and arm pieces
A chest shield, two legs and feet
One hand will wield the best sword
In the bin.

This new creation will be cooler –

It will be the coolest.

Almost done!
My best

But I cannot
Find the right mask.

It must have the right mask.
I cannot find the mask.
Daddy help me find a mask.

Daddy, I just want my creation to sit up.
Daddy, I just want my creation to take its first step.
Daddy, I just want my creation to say its first word.
Daddy, I just want my creation to live.

Daddy, please help me
Find the right mask.

Please help me, Daddy,
I need my mask.


12 thoughts on “He Rebuilds a Lost Sister (for Jack)

  1. S Francis says:

    Thank you V and thank you for sharing this. The scenes in this are based on very true moments with my middle son as he processed difficult feelings he was too young to really understand. We had lost a baby 20 weeks into a pregnancy and he told his mom, I am building because I want to fix her… several months later, when we thought for sure we had returned to “normal”

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  2. saynotoclowns says:

    Reblogged this on say no to clowns and commented:
    I’ve been re reading a few blogs, gosh, it’s overwhelming how much talent there is out there! But I keep thinking of this. It’s profoundly moving. I’ve never personally experienced this grief, but I know a lot of you have. I think this is really special Stephen.

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  3. S Francis says:

    Thank you, I am so happy that you are finding the poetry I posted when I first started up here. This one was a powerful one for me to write, and I am glad that you like it. It means a lot for this one to connect.

    Liked by 1 person

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