Haikus # 013-020 : Tian Tan Haikus

What it means, human
Aloft above tree top fogs
Hearing still birds chirp

Wind whistles to tree
Sing my song through fog, listen
Human, your stilled heart

Silence, wind defines
Words with no definition
Truth fog cannot hide

Tree canopy greens
Shelter color palettes smudged
Under blue freedom

We breathe once again
Hearing wind speak silent words
Treasure fog covers

Sun emerge, show blue
Green heal this divided soul
Warm peace arises

Turtle fog embraces
Peaks needing protection
Rising to escape

Yellow red purple
Dot one thousand shades of green
Remind us, descend

Image: me

7 thoughts on “Haikus # 013-020 : Tian Tan Haikus

  1. Davy D says:

    You have extracted so much rhythm and description from the picture Mr.S. Both the picture and the haikus speak to each other and help reach into the essence of the poem and how nature can lead us to a better life.

    Liked by 1 person

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