In Response to a Poet’s Love Song of 1/24/17

My body now wakes up on its own at 4am
Somehow, transformed from insomniac
To discover the backside of night
And find it as pleasing as Goldilocks
Found the third bed eating the third porridge.
When I talk to the old poet in my journals
Or in files found on my computer that don’t
Remember being written, he chuckles at the
Absurdity of the idea of me waking early
To do anything other than take a piss.

My body now wakes up on its own at 4am
The acoustics of this silence are similar
Yet so very different. Waking creatures
Are more for meditations like these than
The beasts that haunt hours that aren’t stilled
Inside a heart that hears only its own beating
As it tells tales that ache with longing, with pain
That never really was felt, only misunderstood.
This depth, this texture, this darkness marks
The underside of my eyes just as well, thank you.

My body now wakes up on its own at 4am
Still needing coffee in my oldest possession
Aside from stuffed animals hidden from view:
The coffee mug bought at a convention in college.
My hand still holds the pen, a new lover from Japan,
My sensuous mouth still spills familiar treasures
That makes me fall in love all over again. I adore this.
But now, I feel a presence, like eyes glowing through
A window. I am seen. Seen, my stories take me on
Journeys I didn’t even know I wanted to go on.

A response to

With additional thanks to:
for being inspired enough by the phrase backside of night to hopefully start a meme

What is the Best Time of Day to Write Poetry?
for asking the question that got the whole backside of night thing going to begin with

29 thoughts on “In Response to a Poet’s Love Song of 1/24/17

  1. thereluctantpoet says:

    Thanks again for this wonderful reminder. So great re-reading and going over comments! A lot of life traveled since our first encounter in “The Backside Of The Night”! I always think of you when I’m up late or early writing and that title/phrase enters my head – such a happy introduction to you, My Dear Friend!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. S Francis says:

    It is a small world of our own wonderful creation, but hopefully getting bigger one blogger at a time. Who shall we explore next, want to join me on a back-catalog journal? Would love to have a friend! I am thinking, Tanya Cliff, do you know her?


  3. S Francis says:

    Love it. My body is messing with me today, though, taunting me after writing that 4am poem, it woke me up even earlier and now is starting to send me crashing, which sucks! I haven’t even gotten to my writing to do list for the morning. Maybe I need to mainline some coffee…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. braveandrecklessblog says:

    We definitely have some poetic synergy going on here! Just need to find a good starting inspiration. I have written with a couple other writers and the process has been a little different each time depending on the piece. Olde Punk wrote a stanza, sent it me, I wrote a stanza, sent it back to him and so one. We wrote the piece in an afternoon. I loved the final result:

    Liked by 1 person

  5. S Francis says:

    A meme, LOL, that is modern dream, no? Wanting a phrase to go viral and inspire poets all around the world – one poet at a time. The backside of night… let all you fine poets out there be so inspired and write your own reflection!

    Liked by 2 people

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