Weight Ocean Weight

Hiding inside the noise, their music seems an ocean
Weight upon me, and I look to the fishes to teach
The lessons of the songs. Hiding inside the noise
My music an ocean weight inside me looking to teach
Fishes the lessons of songs washed up on the beach.
Hiding inside the noise a quiet song finds stillness
I swim with fishes describe them weight of the ocean.

With respect to Patrick Watson and their song Man Under the Sea; find their music here: http://patrickwatson.net/
Photo from Jason deCaires Taylor’s Museo Atlantico taken by the artist.
And of course thanks to Alisa at Dusted Words for the suggestion:

5 thoughts on “Weight Ocean Weight

  1. Singledust says:

    Dolphin interesting choice! For one who is born under a water star sign I love the water but have a great and deep respect for the sea, it does intimidate me and at the same time has a strong magnetic pull. A very complicated relationship – me and the sea!


  2. Singledust says:

    being underwater does give you a sense of being weighed down, reminds me of my past weekend activities. feeling the full pull of gravity and then some more. similarly words do that too, some words weigh us down tremendously and yet some can uplift. wonderful poem!

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