Out Ursula’s Bowsprit

I shimmied out Ursula’s bowsprit,
Until I reached the bitter end,
One rogue wave could topple me
Into depths I spent a lifetime
Sailing on, sailing from.

Holding a single wire,
Eyes closed,
With sea and wind,
I flowed.

Simple thoughts drifted: this must be done.
To not do, now, what must be done
Would be to accept death as an ember flies
Into the good night watching its last light
Unknown how bright it could have been.

I loosened my grip on the wire, ready to let
My body follow the Spirit into depths
Where luminescence awaits one last diver
Under the surface of that thing I protected:
Meaning, locked inside, ready to glow.

4 thoughts on “Out Ursula’s Bowsprit

  1. S Francis says:

    This one was powerful… I remember the experience and then having to scurry below decks with my bits of inspiration and find a scrap of paper to write… my kids watched me a bit mesmerized I think…


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