With a Glass of Milk, Please

Last week while travelling, I didn’t have a chance to revisit or revise any poems, so I am taking the time this week. Please enjoy this one revisited from one of last week’s posts.

She reads the history of butter,
Believing in chemistry.
If her eyes lift up to mine,
Will the happy accident
Inspire smoothness?

Retreat inside the coffee mug.

Hide behind ear buds.

Bury me in Kundera.

How bearable can lightness be,

This moment being so heavy?

Butterflies find my heart
Risen from the coal pit
Mined to warm the night.
They flit and float to the flower
Sitting like an invitation by her ear.

Two sticks
A cup of sugar
Brown and white, one each.
Stir the lumps out.
Flour and vanilla,
Soda and salt.
Cracked like me,
My yoke in the bowl
I am nuts.
Bake me,
Until sweet.

The original post:

Image: Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies by Debra Alouise

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