Morning Reflections 6/8/18: Psalm One

For how long will we choose to be chaff
Allow wind to take us on its journey
Never alight in any one spot to root?
When not chaff, but seed we agree to be
Do feet find soil to root in and grow
To become that which our vocation calls
True to the spirit and with the seasons
Able to fruit when read and shed leaves
When fallen to make fertile soil underfoot
From which the next seed will emerge strong
Seeking sunlight and tasting the cool waters
That stream around us even on hottest days
When our hearts fatigue wants us to give up
To the wind go only to have the souls root stay.

image: Gustav Klimt, The Tree of Life, 1905

This morning’s reflections follow morning spiritual practice of reading Aurelius, the Bible, and meditation. The primary source of inspiration being Psalm One in a loosely sonnet-like format. This is only a second draft, so any comments or suggestions are encouraged!

19 thoughts on “Morning Reflections 6/8/18: Psalm One

  1. Megha's World says:

    Yes he painted the National gallery of Vienna which was rejected as he started his own movement ..we always have to break from.the norm to state a new form.
    It’s the role of nature and it’s deep seeded in every culture

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  2. S Francis says:

    Reading up on it now… the ideas of this movement seem to link to our own values of the GDG… welcoming of new poets and ideas without the formalism of style.


  3. Megha's World says:

    You are most welcome my friend.Humility and acceptance to change is the first step towards recovery and growth.I’m no one to teach but I have learned this the hard way myself.Hope it works out for you.Love and hugs, Stephen.

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  4. S Francis says:

    Thank you so much, Megha. I have resumed some morning routines today after a trip overseas to Asia and to build the foundation of a new life that now begins following closure of a difficult chapter. This new life must begin from that humility that can only be felt through acceptance of change and through finally allowing the truth to enter the soul and to root.


  5. Megha's World says:

    I love this.Reflection in our lives how we get bothered by the changes in life and unable to get a footing.Its an honest request to humbly accet the changes in life and grow and at the same time stay rooted.

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