When Do I Stop Writing This Poem?

I feel like bread and wine in sepulcher
The Priest will soon bless…
Body and blood
One soul
Stitched back together.

Drunk Aristophanes
Joked with Socrates:
“Love is a Mighty God!
Dear friends… Gather…
Describe for us… How…
Two become… One…!”
One soul
Wandering the earth
As halfs.

When did I begin
Writing an endless poem?
Socrates and Aristophanes,
Drunk on ouzo,
Laugh with the Priest.

4 thoughts on “When Do I Stop Writing This Poem?

  1. S Francis says:

    Thank you for the thoughtful reading of this Mandi. The poem at once feels incomplete to me and then when I revisit it, I find it says all that I want it to say. Lots under the words on this, from religion to philosophy to romantic love to spiritual. I am glad you took the time to tease out these themes!

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  2. mandibelle16 says:

    Interesting piece from different religious perspectives. I think a lack of definability where wine, and bread, can actually beJesus’ body and blood, or transformed into that (In Catholicism I think? ). But also defining how love, for the Greeks and Christians, can make two souls one or help two souls find their counterparts, that’s incomprehensible too. Perhaps it without logic or scientific understanding.

    Both communion and love have a gray-area where all humanity shake their heads and drink wine, but cannot agree upon its reason, or understand it — but both think they’re complicated concepts that nevertheless, exist and can be experienced in some form. They both work, I think, for the Priest and the Philosophers, despite this grey-area. Great piece.

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