Home Improvements

When we began our home improvements
The book said to rebuild the kitchen:
Get rid of old clamshell fixtures on cabinets,

Give them a fresh coat of blackboard paint

Install some LED lights in the ceiling,

Tear off the decorative box caging the pole

Rip up old linoleum, lay new Pergo floors.

But we had torn more apart,
The bath, too, stripped of fixtures,
When the money ran out,
We had just a hole in the floor
Where a toilet would be.
Now what?
Do we begin again?

Damned and determined to do it ourselves,
This space too small for a standard cabinet,
Our standards too high for just anything off the shelf.

We want to float a counter with a basin sink,
We want a skirted toilet,

On the wall, we want paper
A shadowy tree to entertain our guests –
Birds can fly out, freed of excrement.
The interior designer says this shitter
Needs to be the Jewel of the House.
The book tells us where to begin,
If we can get on the right page.

I want to use my hands,
To flush the voices inside my head;

This hole seems
Just the place to begin

19 thoughts on “Home Improvements

  1. Silent Hour says:

    They do, and it was a great idea to work on it until it gets this second layer. It was fun to read, and the last lines show the discomfort / perhaps sadness that often comes with change. For me, it was a perfect description of my situation when we moved from Athens to Trikala. So thank you too, because you gave me something to read that I can relate to, and enjoy.

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  2. S Francis says:

    Thank you, this one was a lot of fun to write and I enjoy returning to it from time to time to refine it. Aside from the home improvements, it has an underbelly to it that represents changes being made in my own life. While not entirely written with that at mind at first, the refinements this time I hope bring that more to the surface. Thank you for reading and enjoying my writing!

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  3. Silent Hour says:

    I loved this poem! It reminded me of our own home improvement when we moved in this house – removing old linoleum from the kitchen floor, painting walls etc. Blackboard paint is a favorite too.
    The interior designer says this shitter
    Needs to be the Jewel of the House: Ha ha!
I want to use my hands,
    To flush the voices inside my head;
This hole seems
    Just the place to begin
    Singing: Yes, it was the same here. How true!

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  4. Davy D says:

    So Mr. S the wordpress blogging journey began with thoughts around toilets. My experience of other platforms concurs with your thoughts that ” this shitter is the jewel of the house” Once you get used to the fact you will never read your paper on there in peace ever again, the rest is five star.

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  5. S Francis says:

    I am torn a little about what to write… something that is fun that draws upon your sense of humor or one that draws upon the more spiritual aspects of your writing. Of course, your blog title alone is great inspiration!

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  6. saynotoclowns says:

    I didn’t realise you were going to write a poem! I am truly humbled you have taken the time to read my stuff!! Really. And to write a poem is truly generous! haha I guess I should wait until I read it lol.

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  7. S Francis says:

    Ah yes, not the poem that began my writing, but the one that began the blogging… an abbreviated attempt to jump start my writing. Sadly, the effort didn’t last long then…

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