The Week in Review (8/11/18) – New Beginnings and Old Connections

Original followers of the SailorPoet blog now retitled Pointed Home may recall The Week in Review feature where I would reflect on what was written the week prior, look ahead to my writing plans for the week, share a multitude of links, and occasionally offer a reflection on what the week meant to me.

Its back. Over the last year, I have deconstructed and reconstructed my life. No need to go into details here, as I develop my new blog, MySevenStoreys (, I suspect enough of that story will be revealed to help followers of my writing understand some meaning behind the words. I note the important thing this week bringing back this feature: new connections and reconnections. From Otters to Bobcats, Domers to Norfolkians, Baristas to Sailors, I reflect with gratitude on all who have believed in me and stuck around.

So, what went down last week? First an invitation to the Go Dog Go Cafe and the return of my good friend Gina, one of the original baristas who has resumed her reflections on the week at the Cafe with her Come Sit With Me series. The Baristas at the cafe, new and old, are thrilled to have Gina back after a particularly trying year for her:

11th August 2018 – Come Sit With Me – In the Go Dog Go Tree Top Café

Back here at my table in the cafe, a new thing is brewing: Friday Songs for You. Pointed Home/SailorPoet followers know my passion for music, now each Friday on the 4’s I will be sharing a song following one theme or another that may or may not trigger some creative impulses in me or you, but hopefully will introduce you to music that you’ll like or remind you of music you did like but had forgotten about. If a song triggers your writing, link back to me and let me know! Last week, Keston Cobblers Club, Cloud Cult, Alabama Shakes, and Natahaniel Rateliff joined me; I am thinking of hanging around with Leon Bridges this week… we shall hear!

As I look forward to the week ahead, a new routine comes to mind. For those who enjoy short poems, on Monday through Thursday at 11pm my time (EST), I will be posting in haiku and other short poems. The series can be found here:

I also plan to spend some time sharing new poetry, older poetry from my personal files and journals, and revisited poetry from the early days of this blog. Last week I returned to the first Word Press writing challenge I took, IBMC, and the poem Setting the Perfect Fire and the last, one of Christine Ray’s excellent challenges, 10 Objects, with The Song Inside the Red Bud (… hmmm… this may need to connect to the Friday Songs for You…). New poetry included two new favorites of mine, Notice Me Little Things and Stars, Memories, and Stories. Plus a couple of reposts, Yellow Butterfly in honor of my daughter who started middle school this week and Man on the Mountain in honor of my home state of New Hampshire.


I want to wrap up with a shameless promotion of Christine’s new book, Composition of a Woman. She afforded me an opportunity to read the beta version and in its original form I was reminded of the power and passion of her words and the inspiration of her story. This week, I plan to savor her final version and begin writing book reviews in support of Indie Blu(E), a collective of indie-published writers & readers who want to discover them. (I also have books by Nicole Lyons and Kindra Austin queued up for reviews…)

Welcome to Indie Blu(e)

Review of Composition of a Woman, Christine E. Ray

A Little Bit About Nicole


Next month, with any luck, I will be spending some time working on my own “first book” with Christine as well as getting smarter about some mechanics of blogging and perhaps finally booting my Sudden Denouement life.

Enjoy your week, show up, write!

10 thoughts on “The Week in Review (8/11/18) – New Beginnings and Old Connections

  1. thereluctantpoet says:

    Great post, My Friend!! This only reinforces how much we have missed you!!!! Wow! So busy, and a book in the works!! Wonderful! Just thought I should let you know how much I really enjoy your post – “Yellow Butterfly”!! So appreciate you being back and sharing with us!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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