Blow Away the Smoke

When last seen, the smoke had settled on the water

He looked up at the fire ball screaming across the sky

Hoping it would soon end.  Night had become day,

Day had become night and he was left sorting stars.


This one tells the story of a dolphin dancing in the surf

This one tells the story of our hunter Orion and his aegis

This one tells the story of a mother chained for her beauty

This one tells the story of…


Me.  I have burnt my deck house down to the water line

Row away with me in the life raft, open to elements, feel

Rain drip down our cheeks and lightning tickle our lips.

I will be the fire in your sky, just blow away the smoke.


Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge August 14, 2018


Image: smoke on the water by raun

Smoke on the water

6 thoughts on “Blow Away the Smoke

  1. S Francis says:

    Sometimes all it takes is the slightest prompt, less words for me than images… and especially music. This poem came to me pretty quickly once I got inside it… that initial rush of feeling like there is something there to the rush of AHA! I got it… for me this happened when I realized I was listing constellations that all have a nautical element to them and so just decided the fourth one would be me and the final stanza serves as a pretty personal plea.

    Thank you Beth for reading, for the prompt and for your enthusiasm for my writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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