Non-Vacant Vacancy (1987: Age 16)

March 5, 1987

And I stare
At an empty sheet of paper
And I wonder
How long it will be
Until words sparkle on the page.
It’s like the old days
I would stare
At the empty beat of my heart
I would wonder
How long it would be
Until beats sparkled on my face.
Those days, how long they were.

These nights, how long they are
When you stay away
and leave me with this
Non vacant vacancy.

Over the next few weeks I will be spending time with my 16-17 year old self from 1987. In no particular order, these poems will be presented in the final form I found them on computer discs discovered in an attic many years ago. This will culminate in the next entry of my Into My Own, My Story as a Writer series found here:

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