Field Guides

At night I walk to meet my friend the surf
Alone with me and the heron…
Or the egret…
Not sure

(I should get a field guide to shore birds
More practical than the whale guides, but oh!
How I love whales
Magnificent creatures these beasts
The quiet masters of the earth
Meditative and melodious.

When I die, God, make me a whale.
After the humans are gone,
So I can truly rule the seas
Top to bottom
All seven.

Yes, a whale, please?)

“So quiet out here,” Surf says.
Our gentle chats
Awash in humility
“What else, Poet, do you need?

The whales will wait for you
Learn the name of that bird
And fly for a little while –
There is time.”

3 thoughts on “Field Guides

  1. saynotoclowns says:

    Whales. are. amazing.
    And smart.
    We went whale watching a few years ago. ROUGH sea, like a roller coaster, which was fun! but they did not appear. We waited a couple of hours.
    As we turned to leave and head back to the shore, suddenly a whole family started frolicking and whatnot. Sneaky. 🤓

    Liked by 1 person

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