Angel’s Metamorphosis (with spoken word)

the sky
penetrable and deep
I reach my hand
into its perfect blue
in search of a star

when found
its light
warms my open palm
azure drips off my arm
until a puddle floods
our spot of the earth
where we begin to play
with our new toy
above us an Angel plays
dancing its metamorphosis

now she is a Carmen Miranda teddy bear

now she is a flying saucer

now she is you

sleeping naked
in my arms
my hand traces
constellations on your
satin skin

on the breast I linger
touching the nipple
reaching into the universe
loved wholly
dances with angels
whose gentle purr says
life will renew

image: Michael Parkes

32 thoughts on “Angel’s Metamorphosis (with spoken word)

  1. Tanya Cliff says:

    I think that is supposed to be sushi…(can’t always tell with those emojis)…but it looks like an ice cream sandwich with a cookie growing out its side from here. Ice cream sandwich works too.

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  2. thereluctantpoetweb says:

    Loved your reply to my comment and the wonderful back story. I think that it is great that our community is so positive and supportive such that you went back and brought out what you did. I have only been able to do what you did a few times. I guess I get the weird feeling that it is like giving your poem “Plastic Surgery”. It works sometimes!

    This AHD is Angel Honey Dust – right? Ha! So, where do we find it? LOL!

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  3. S Francis says:

    Thank you sir, as a companion piece to Honey Dust (I can point out places you can buy this AHD online… ) both were part of a three part poem called A Lover’s Distraction that I originally wrote back in the 90’s. When I opened up the file, and read it, first I found it trying too hard to be erotic without the subtleties of sensuality that really make up the core of genuine passion for me. I didn’t want to mess with them, though… old emotions, old ideas, etc. then as my son writing has evolved even over the last months, as I have been exposed to the authenticity of this community and how that gave my voice confidence, I returned and saw what I wanted to say in the original words. Three parts became two, and some new words and ideas emerged and thus… the companion pieces.

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  4. Singledust says:

    Maturity brings grace and wisdom. But reaching into the blue sky and finding a star that’s pure instinct because stars hide from sight in the light, only coming out in the dark. Loved every line for its representation of feelings of such joy in finding a new toy and play becomes more intense further into the lines. This Universe – She is very cherished from your words. Loved wholly – flaws, scars and all, the poet gives her such adoration. Like how the tone changes midway and the playfulness that pulls the reader in becomes serious and speaks truthfully of a greater love never experienced before.

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  5. S Francis says:

    Thanks… it is an older poem and I kind of struggled with it this morning managing to keep a few key elements and the basic tenor, but making it, well, different… like the voice of a man about 20 years more mature

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