Calomine Lotion

When Frost took the road less travelled
I hope he wore pants and bug spray
Because on this less travelled road
I went unprepared
And now the bites and scratches annoy me enough to think
Just maybe
I should have taken that trodden path


Like a ghost he buzzes in my ear
This mosquito bite will fade
But listen, just listen, son of mine
Hear it?

Yes, Father, I do. I hear…

Wait, don’t tell them
Make them go and find it,
Their trail, wherever it may bend,
Will sound different in ways not worth
But in ways profound

I still hope he had blue jeans on,
Because poison ivy sucks
No matter how content the soul.

And now I have no idea where I am
But it’s okay though,
stay where you are
I don’t need help anymore
I’ll get there,

Regardless, where I am matters as much as the molecular construction of water
To a sailor in a storm
He just hopes to ride the swells
And come down on the other side

I better keep walking
See you soon.

PS please have calamine lotion

11 thoughts on “Calomine Lotion

  1. Gospel Isosceles says:

    “Because poison ivy sucks
No matter how content the soul.”
    Truer words have never been spoken. Yeah, even Frost’s iconic dictum. Unfortunately, calamine never did much to help for me. The only thing that offers relief is a scalding hot shower because the skin burning is actually a respite from the constant itch!

    Liked by 1 person

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