A Second Climb

After a couple of weeks, the second post at My Seven Storeys. Please head over and take a look. – Stephen


Last year, I knew I had strayed very far from the spiritual core of my being and needed to take actions that would be extraordinarily disruptive and hurtful to many people in order to get myself moving back towards that core being. Yet, I had wandered so far that I was lost to myself and unable to be the man I needed to be for those most important to me. In fact, over the course of 25 years, many of the most important people in my life had walked away, impatient with decisions so inconsistent with the beliefs and values that I professed, I didn’t make sense and made me look and feel like a shell of a man. I knew this needed to change, that I needed to get on a new path so that I could be the son, friend, father, etc. that I needed to be for…

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