Mahatma (1987: Age 16)

January 24, 1987

They will beat us,
They will kill us,
We must not raise a hand
Nor strike a blow.
If we raise our fists
There will be no heavier a blow
Upon the battle we fight.
If we hold our hands
There will be no heavier a blow
Upon the battle they fight.

Should we raise one fist,
Should we strike one child,
Should we kill one enemy,
There need be no life
For we deserve no freedom.

This poem reflects the impression seeing the movie Gandhi had on me and offers a hint at the great struggle of my life balancing a call to service in the Navy with a faith that was beginning to grow increasingly defined by the concepts of non-violence. Reading this poem today, not only does it contain a powerful message of Love that remains loud in my head, it calls me to revisit my faith in earnest and honesty again.

See also, The Kingdom posted a few days ago:

Over the next few weeks I will be spending time with my 16-17 year old self from 1987. In no particular order, these poems will be presented in the final form I found them on computer discs discovered in an attic many years ago. This will culminate in the next entry of my Into My Own, My Story as a Writer series found here:

23 thoughts on “Mahatma (1987: Age 16)

  1. S Francis says:

    It has been an interesting journey, and one to return to now to better understand what being me is all about. Looking forward to putting all this old stuff together into a broader reflection.


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