Whisper My Return (with Spoken Word)

Into my cathedral, no path to follow
Just my will. An alter of dirt and moss
Built by no human hand gives me pause.

I do not believe in God.

God, “I don’t believe in you.”

But when you whisper through leaves
Trees rustle back their peaceful thanks,
“How can your existence be denied?”

One thing that will endure, is beauty.
So while you and I may never break bread,
Interwoven inside each step taken on my path

A presence I can no longer deny.

God, I believe, now, believe in me.

Yesterday, I walked up a stream into a womb
It’s walls covered in soft beds of moss
The trees, eternal, whisper my return.

5 thoughts on “Whisper My Return (with Spoken Word)

  1. S Francis says:

    Happy to, always. These are the best types of comments, when specific words strike meaning that connects another to a place or feeling of their own importance. And of course walks in the woods are ALWAYS encouraged!!!


  2. Diana says:

    This lovely piece of writing takes me back to yesterday, and my walk in the woods. I often like to go off the path and found my very own mossed womb (terrific words S 💕). I lingered and was infused by stillness. Thank you for taking me there again.

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