The Week in Review 9/8 – Hurricanes

It has been a month since I said this feature would return on a regular basis, perhaps it should be retitled The Month in Review. Alas, eventually, routines will become routine again. August had more important things on the agenda for me, though, and those were important things. So perhaps September will be the month routines become routine. Not counting on it, though, as a Hurricane Florence makes her way across the Atlantic, the Bermuda High Pressure system directing her South towards the Carolinas, but a change in that High or an interaction with the Gulf Stream could send her this way. Let’s hope whatever the weather holds it be merciful on whatever land she greets with her rage.

This week was one that saw a continuance of a few series that have been ongoing at Pointed Home: Haikus, Juvenilia from 1987, and morning poetry either reworked from older poems or new poems. I hope the faithful readers of the poetry here have enjoyed them. The Haikus have drawn the most attention, which makes sense to me, they are short and quick reads. Yet the Juvenilia remains most powerful for me to reconnect with the child poet who began the journey so many years ago now. If you missed any of these poems, either the Haiku or the older poetry, I encourage you to follow the links below to revisit them. I am nearing the end of the 1987 Juvenilia which means an Into My Own, the story of my writing is due soon.



I continue to spend time with my longer poems, both revisiting poems previously posted on either Pointed Home or SailorPoet and newer poems in my “ideas” files that needed some attention before sharing. This week saw an old favorite return, The Melodies of Crickets, a love poem that reflects the conflict between heart and mind:

Another poem originally written a few years back that collects some of the conflicts of feeling invisible and not in control of my own life, Counting Cars:

And a new poem that hints at the spiritual awakening of this past year inspired by reconnecting with nature and my understanding of the Divine, or God in the wind whispering in the trees:

I hope you can take the time to read these three poems and find your own truth through the words that are now yours to read.

For the many wonderful and loyal readers who have posted comments the past month, I apologize for my failure to interact. I am hoping to catch up tomorrow, but no guarantees as preparations for Florence either for work or for home will take priority. I am grateful for the readers and the thoughtful comments, even if I haven’t responded. Be patient with me.

Have a wonderful week, show up, write, read, share. You are heard.

— Stephen

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