Bury (with Spoken Word)

In my drawer:
Buried poems.
Pompeians under ash,
Re-forged by fire.

I open the drawer
With a pick and brush,
Like an archeologist,
Discover how, why
What happened,

Maybe bury some
Bury them again.
Ash in my drawers.

21 thoughts on “Bury (with Spoken Word)

  1. S Francis says:

    I have recently found that some poems I thought were just ideas sit for so long they become poems… it is interesting process. I have also let go of attachment to crafting to the point I don’t recognize my own voice anymore in the poem.

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  2. Davy D says:

    So true Mr.S. I am oft intrigued by poetry manuals and their advice around how long you should leave a poem for before redrafting. Sometimes the redraft becomes so brutal it becomes another poem.

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  3. Tanya Cliff says:

    It is something I hadn’t thought to do before, Stephen. You inspired it. Reading the back catalog is allowing for a deep drink of your work. I’m going slowly. It will take me days to finish. I’m going to set a goal of traveling in depth on a different blog once a month. That will give me time to “indulge” and enjoy the beverages. What a great way to learn about and from other writers on WP!

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  4. Tanya Cliff says:

    As a begin indulging myself in your back catalog, Stephen, I have to pause here. This is one of my favorites so far, written with a sharp pencil. You paint a vivid picture with few strokes. Wonderful!
    I think I’m forgetting to leave “likes”…sorry about that. I’m absorbed in the reading part and not used to reading multiple pieces off one blog in a sitting.
    I’m enjoying myself…
    There is much richness to your writing. It’s a good drink.

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