Hey There Little Girl (1987: Age 16)

February 23, 1987

Hey there little girl
Standing by the sea wall
Don’t you know that
The tide isn’t due for hours?
I don’t want to see you
With tears in your eyes,
You deserve so much more.

So raise your head
Brighten your eyes
It is not hard to try.
All you need is a smile
That is what I have to give.

Hey there little girl
With the broken China doll
Don’t you know that
You are breaking more than the doll?
I don’t want to see you
With tears in your blue eyes,
You deserve so much more.

So raise your head
Brighten your eyes
I give you my smile
For you to return,
It is what you need.

Little girl,
Hey there little girl
Do not let those tears
Run down your blushed cheeks.
If they begin to fall
Call out for me
I will wipe your eyes.

I love you little girl,
I love you.

This poem was written for a friend, E, with her and a couple of other friends, we started a writing group at my high school with Mr. T. I recall her having a difficult relationship with her father and this poem was written to express my desire to offer her strength and support. Kind of feels like a foreshadowing of the Go Dog Go Cafe, in a way, now that I look back on it and recall that inspiration. She left for a private school in Massachusetts at the end of this school year and we kept in touch for a time, but now she is lost to time, moves, and the vagaries of life – even Facebook has not restored her to my life and I often wonder where she is and about her health. About 20 years ago, we got back in touch and she mentioned to me that she had been sick, maybe had had cancer that was in remission. It brings a sadness to my heart to admit my part in the failure of our friendship, she was a very dear friend, and one of the first who helped me embrace my writing.

Over the next few weeks I will be spending time with my 16-17 year old self from 1987. In no particular order, these poems will be presented in the final form I found them on computer discs discovered in an attic many years ago. This will culminate in the next entry of my Into My Own, My Story as a Writer series found here:

1985: https://sailorpoet.com/2017/02/10/into-my-own-my-story-as-a-writer-part-i-how-it-began/

1986: https://sailorpoet.com/2017/03/21/into-my-own-my-story-as-a-writer-part-ii-why-i-wrote-1986/

5 thoughts on “Hey There Little Girl (1987: Age 16)

  1. saynotoclowns says:

    Oh my gosh! You are right! How perfect!! And what beautiful words Steve!
    I was so inspired by that song, and the surreal story that formed in my mind, and that she is talking to her parents as well…it’s perfect!


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