By Night’s Dark Embrace, a poem by S Francis

Night’s dark embrace of these candles of petition
Speaks a soul supplicated on knees in moonlight.
A mere cricket in the chorale: “Rejoice!” chirps ‘cross
The fallow field. The shadow cast here seeks to love.

This journey took so long. This journey took too long.
Now day sets its weight down upon prayers’ shoulders
Tired of digging the grave to bury the soul
Of Ophelia. “She still lives! Be still. She loves…”

So insists the prayer who’d defeat any beast
To attest his love summed more than forty thousand
Brothers’. “Run off now!” Insanity grips the mind
Until on his knees, the journey seems at its end.

A chorus reaches inside the blackened heart
To wash impurities: “One more day, just one more…”
Hear me, Moonlight, hear this petition of my soul,
A candle that flickers by night’s dark embrace, loved.

(c) 2018 S Francis

10 thoughts on “By Night’s Dark Embrace, a poem by S Francis

  1. Thank you Eugenia. I hope to spend time really focusing on single pieces of work… this one is nearly complete, but I think I need to add a verse in between the next to last and last… that chorus… seems to come out of nowhere…

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