Flannel and Fleece, a poem by S Francis


We wait in flannel and fleece
But wind cuts through sun-cries
To remind us of winter’s
Warlord of discontent.

Robin-bird hopped yesterday
Picking thawed earthworms
That had emerged sun-smiling:
Their moment had arrived!

The warlord whispers, “Not yet.”
We wait in flannel and fleece
Our smile carrying a heartbeat
That will be worthy of its moment.


Do you recall
The hopping

Hop along with me today,
Down the narrow trail,
Into the wood.
Let’s dig up the cool dirt
Soft mud for fingers to feel
The messy source of life.

Peak up at the sun
Taste its persistence
Finding a way into the soil
To kiss the dirt we dig up
Just to feel a little bit,
This messy source of life.

We shed flannel and fleece
Stripped naked, we bury sins
In the dirt. Smile at the sun.
Smile at the mess. Smile at
The robin-bird and hop along
Our heart in our tender toes.

(C) Stephen Fuller, 2019

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