Not About Me, It’s About Us

I do not matter.  Life is not about me, nor has it ever been.  The “I” that was constructed over the time of living mattered only for what he offered to the world, those who surrounded him: those who chose to and those who had to.

In our age, we are witness to unspeakable horrors and argue like children on a play ground about who is to blame for that horror as if our individual opinions matter.  Our opinions do not matter, our actions do, for after we finished arguing last time nothing stopped another lunatic using a too-easily obtained gun from killing 17 children who deserved to live their lives, to contribute to society, to help us live.  Now we will spend so much of our precious time, energy, and money to prove that our opinion is correct that we will end up doing nothing.

It will be nothing that will be remembered, not how we voiced our individual pain or anger or sorrow.  In the end, I do not matter: you do.  If you are gone because I did nothing, what does it matter that I ever was, for I only exist for what we offer one another.  There is nothing about me that matters without you, therefor it is not about you or me, but us.

So, take this body, take this soul, guide it. May its actions be good and may it do something, anything to stop these unspeakable horrors.

The thing is, it isn’t just Parkland… what is unspeakable is everywhere.  Children dying whose lives could have added value to ours, innocence stolen from the Earth as if it had no value.  Look around, pay attention and see what we are losing with our bombs and guns and drugs, our lust for money and power that subordinates the value of individual lives to a system that exists only to keep itself going, not to elevate the living, not to honor the life what has been bestowed upon us like a gift from a divine source that we cannot possibly understand in spite of our best efforts.

It is not about me, it is about us, it is about this breath we are given and how we use it to help one another live.  Our wealth, our comfort, our things, our posts, our tweets… our individual lives do not matter if we choose to do nothing but argue about who is to blame in the face of unspeakable horror.

I do not matter, we do.  Our words do not matter, our actions do.

May we choose to do good and protect the innocent from our individual selves.

31 thoughts on “Not About Me, It’s About Us

  1. I can’t find a follow button or a RSS feed or any other contraption that would let me stalk your space. But I would be very remiss if I didn’t tell you that I need to read every one of your words and hold them close. Instead, I will do an old fashioned bookmark. Peace.

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  2. At the risk of seeming like a stalker….I found this while poking around your site. I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve said here. Parkland hit especially close to home for me (literally and figuratively) and I’ve been moved by how kids across the country are using it to take a stand. I’ve been shocked by some people who have argued that they’re fighting for the wrong things (I’ve posted about this specifically). But as you said that was just one sad example. We are the solution…The answer is in joining together. As you said… Nothing about our lives matter if we simply do nothing. I’m glad I found this post! 😁

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  3. Yes, it is about US. I think you sum it up well with this sentence, “It is not about me, it is about us, it is about this breath we are given and how we use it to help one another live.” Let’s use our words to create connection with each other.
    Thanks for traveling over to visit my blog.

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