Two of my favorite people: Christine and Davy D. Enjoy them both, spend days exploring their blogs… you will be better for it!

Brave & Reckless

A response poem to Davy D’s question What Is Poetry? on the Go Dog Go Cafe

it is a stir

an ache

rising from my core

growing in urgency

pushing to my surface

gasping hungrily for air

sitting impatiently on my tongue

black pearl


tear shaped diamond


for hand to grasp pen

fingers to touch keys

truth to be unleashed

an explosion of my soul

made visible

in black ink

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

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The Worm

“Tender me to your love”

One of my favorite lines I have read in a long time.

Take some time visiting the Wandering Armadillo!

The Wandering Armadillo

are you acquainted with tales of tenderness?

voluble versions of vulnerability

from the pen of one

once a child

who would stoop for the lowly earth worm

on a perilous concrete passage

returning him to lush, moist loam

ending such an errant, wayward roam


what would you do with him?

alter the cadence of your stride?


and what of me?

for I am in your path

and the day is warm

offer me your shadow

there, a soothing darkness


threaten me with careless boot?

i’ve crossed such paths before

lulled in poikiloform torpor


no, gather me

my annuli traverse your heart line

your palm sensing shuffling setae

tender me to your love…

in tepid torpor, on soporific soil

tangling in such terrestrial toil 

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Don’t Look Behind The Sofa

As I continue to re-meet old friends, I was thrilled to rediscover Davy D and this wonderful poem and this wonderful bit of radio. And… well… Daleks… yep… Daleks…

Inside the Mind of Davy D

Poetic Beats

Welcome to this week’s edition of Poetic beats with Howard Bond and Davy D, recorded on the 30th of April 2018 on Red Kite Radio.

In this episode Davy D reads his poem, Don’t Look Behind The Sofa. The word Sofa is derived from the Arabic word, suffah, meaning bench. The first sofas were used in 2000BC by the Egyptian Pharaohs and are now a key part of modern day design and living.

Did you know over its lifetime a sofa will host around 782 visitors? If you want to know more amazing facts about the sofa then please listen to the show by pressing the arrow to the left of the sound bar below.

If you have difficulty listening to the programme a text version of the poem is included after the sound bar.

Don’t Look Behind The Sofa

Don’t look behind the sofa,

you never know…

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I Have Seen

A beautiful poem about the love of family.

The Stories In Between

I have seen an old woman

Sitting in a rocking chair

The warmth of the desert sun

Shining on her through the front window

Surrounded by her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, friends

The smile on her face as she basks in the beauty of her life’s work

In her eyes, not a glimmer of regret

For none of this could be, if not for her

I have seen an urn, flanked with flowers, purple and sun

A pastor weaving scripture of hope, love and God

Images of a life lived in faith and purpose

Trembling to the words of hallelujah

They find peace in the knowing

For every breath, every step taken

She will be by their side

And in the eyes of those who remain

Is found, a reflection of her

I have seen an empty rocking chair

The warmth of the desert sun

Shining through the front window

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