The Treasures of Her Day

The woman sits down in her chair at dusk
Having harvested the treasures of her day;
The paddle board and kayak stowed
Nothing remained but the words’ flow.

For many years, she wove a blanket
With certain colors and particular patterns
As seen in a book or demanded by masters. Yet,

The treasures of her day spoke different tones,
Exposed unique designs only she could see.
Time came, time went. Patience’s virtue
Slowly became the value she needed most.

The moon rose to offer its reflections.
At last, she had harvested the threads
With hues and their complements discovered

In the patterns of conversations, something
Undesigned at last but to be assembled
One stitch at at time. A life she could weave
Together with the moon’s reflection, the season

Inviting her inside out to dance: Stars,
As they point to a story yet to be told,
Ask the teller to weave for them her color.

May 29, 2018: Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge

Come to the Go Dog Go Cafe this week and share your thoughts on “The color of her blood was the least of my worries…”

Thanks Devereaux!

My Contribution:

The color of her blood was the least of my worries,
The color our blood made, a delta of throbbing flow
Two rivers carving up the earth relentless in pursuit
Of an ocean in need of salt. The rush of this pair
This need, worried me. Why can the single stream
Not carve land with adequate expression of faith?
When he drifted up to view the landscape written
In his tumble down to the sea, he saw half letters
Made complete in the delta of their blood a quill
That wrote new tales of life in fallow fields.

Go Dog Go Café

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Today’s prompt is a flash fiction that starts with: “The color of her blood was the least of my worries…” 

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