Treasure Chest

Their voices travel
Thousands of miles
Through desert heat
Bringing tales, comfort;
Small nuggets of gold
Such sweet wealth!

Together, we mine life
Revel in its wealth.
We don’t sift dirt
For fool’s dust,
Our treasure overflows
Smiles and laughter.

No one can hunt
Our treasure map
No spot is marked,
Nothing to be buried.
Nothing can hold
This treasure.

Little feet mark the trail
Joyous calls discover
On the beach on our island:
A Frog!
A Giraffe!
A Lizard!

This treasure chest
Holds life’s truth
Holds life’s joy

Waters Can Look So Still

The Hague looks so still.
“Kids are safe in school”
“Kids are safe in school”
Did a Dad say that in Newtown?
Did a Dad say that in Peshawar?
And what if he did,
Do the words and wishes of fathers

When tears fill God’s well
They burn like hell
Dripping on our barren Soul
Stripped of beauty by insanity
Of one sort or another:
Video games
Party lines.

Blame ourselves
For failing Love

The one need
The only need
That really matters.