Treasure Chest

Their voices travel
Thousands of miles
Through desert heat
Bringing tales, comfort;
Small nuggets of gold
Such sweet wealth!

Together, we mine life
Revel in its wealth.
We don’t sift dirt
For fool’s dust,
Our treasure overflows
Smiles and laughter.

No one can hunt
Our treasure map
No spot is marked,
Nothing to be buried.
Nothing can hold
This treasure.

Little feet mark the trail
Joyous calls discover
On the beach on our island:
A Frog!
A Giraffe!
A Lizard!

This treasure chest
Holds life’s truth
Holds life’s joy

When the Doll Broke (for Emma)

When the doll broke, shattered on the floor
What did she find inside the dusted shell?
Did daddy leave a note tucked away in the leg –
Some words that would remind her of a love
He promised would never fade like the linens
The doll wore everyday, no matter the occasion.
By the time she discovered it, would her heart be
Repaired well enough to beat a regular rhythm
When she saw his name or remembered his picture
Turned down on the dresser with the other dolls
Collected on his travels, now just dust-laden?
The good book talks about dust to dust, and this
Dust feels like the blood from his heart when it
Was admitted to the floor of a life left with crumbs
Of a plan, of a hope, of a stitched patchwork claim
Of promises long ago tossed in a barrel over the falls.
Now he walks down the path that had the better claim
Having blazed the trail back to that divergence
In the yellow wood. He stared down both again,
With a deep sigh, saw the trodden one and turned
Away from it, choosing instead the one his heart
Called him to take when he wasn’t listening, when
He thought its regular beat could not be trusted.

Image: Girl Accident Broken Doll by Henri Guillaume Schlesinger (German painter, 1814-1893)