A Pen No Longer

Words have begun to slip
Through fingers that tremble
A pen no longer
A pen no longer

Words have begun to slip
Through fingers that shatter
A pen no longer
A pen no longer

Words have begun to slip
Through fingers that once



I open the dictionary to define
This feeling and words
Begin to slip
From the pages
On to the floor

Where for ten years
They huddled under blankets,

These fingers hold on by their tips
A pen no longer
A pen no longer
Words have begun to slip…

Blow Away the Smoke

When last seen, the smoke had settled on the water

He looked up at the fire ball screaming across the sky

Hoping it would soon end.  Night had become day,

Day had become night and he was left sorting stars.


This one tells the story of a dolphin dancing in the surf

This one tells the story of our hunter Orion and his aegis

This one tells the story of a mother chained for her beauty

This one tells the story of…

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The Week in Review (8/11/18) – New Beginnings and Old Connections

Original followers of the SailorPoet blog now retitled Pointed Home may recall The Week in Review feature where I would reflect on what was written the week prior, look ahead to my writing plans for the week, share a multitude of links, and occasionally offer a reflection on what the week meant to me.

Its back. Over the last year, I have deconstructed and reconstructed my life. No need to go into details here, as I develop my new blog, MySevenStoreys (https://mysevenstoreys.blog/), I suspect enough of that story will be revealed to help followers of my writing understand some meaning behind the words. I note the important thing this week bringing back this feature: new connections and reconnections. From Otters to Bobcats, Domers to Norfolkians, Baristas to Sailors, I reflect with gratitude on all who have believed in me and stuck around.

So, what went down last week? First an invitation to the Go Dog Go Cafe and the return of my good friend Gina, one of the original baristas who has resumed her reflections on the week at the Cafe with her Come Sit With Me series. The Baristas at the cafe, new and old, are thrilled to have Gina back after a particularly trying year for her:

11th August 2018 – Come Sit With Me – In the Go Dog Go Tree Top Café

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Friday Songs for You (8/10) – “Almost Home” – Keston Cobblers Club… and a new blog

Spotify’s acoustic playlists introduced me to Keston Cobblers Club. This wonderful song leads their similar titled album. The following song, Concord, will serve to launch my new blog, “mysevenstoreys” an exploration of my spiritual growth over the last year(s) and into the upcoming year(s). Inspired by Thomas Merton’s autobiography, the new blog will serve to follow the development of my understanding of the world both through reflections on my earliest writing, what I am reading these days, and what it all means when I allow my heart, soul, and mind to commune in a new, authentic way. If this interests you, head that way and look for a new post once a week. If not, please enjoy this fine song by Keston Cobblers Club.

The new blog: https://mysevenstoreys.blog/

The song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-8ljbZXjHE