The Fire Wanted (The Crossing, part one), a poem by S Francis

Son, climb that mountain again, hear what you missed.
At the summit, close your eyes and feel the wind
Swirl around your soul, a tornado screaming words
Like a lover’s voice picking up what you discarded.
The fire you wanted now lights up the sun in winter.

Climb that mountain

You can’t stay here,

Climb that mountain



Deserts will retreat from the flowers that you grow.
See what you missed, that smile from a child’s dream.
At the summit, close your eyes and hear his laughter,
Like a lovers voice that has found the gaps to fill.
The fire you wanted now holds up the sun in winter.

(C) Stephen Fuller, 2019

First in a series of poems loosely inspired and derived from the lyrics of Stuart Adamson of Big Country and their debut album The Crossing from 1983. The Fire Inside is drawn from the lyrics of “In a Big Country.” For the upcoming weeks, I will be exploring through thematically linked poems derived from each song on this seminal album of my youth. For those of you familiar with the band and its iconic singer, there is an ironic tragedy in the lyrics to this song about getting up off the floor, screaming. Stuart took his own life in 2001.