Upon Seeing the Lunar Eclipse, a poem by S Francis

The moon peaks out behind the sun
As the wind swirls a chill upon skin.
Selene dances with Helios tonight
A sweet dance of renewal. Again
We renew as night shuffles stars
We know in planetarium order
Earth science teachers taught us
When insisting we know Orion
His belt, his shield, his persistent pose.

An aegis protects our hearts from
That which seeks to slacken beats
Which once seemed so sure, now seem
Like a shimmering glisten to the glow
That harbors our safety from tremor
Shuddering our stable feet on earth.
So we look up together at the moon
As she disappears behind the flow
Of a sun that wants to burn down

All that we know of life,
all that we know.

Selene dances with Helios, as we do
And we wonder if in this moment, Time
Will sit still long enough for us to be
Aware of the beating of a heart that wants
A heart that wants. Hearts want, they do.
So we look up at the aegis that guards
Us from what we fear and order
Becomes disordered and we persist
In searching for science to explain.

Our hearts tremble to tell us
As we begin, again, to feel what we felt
When feeling was allowed in the dance
That disappeared like childhood into
The shudder of adults who longed
For the science our teachers taught
When we weren’t listening to words
Only feeling the soft skin of a hand
That held to ours, gave life to hearts.

(C) Stephen Fuller, 2019