On Seeing the Sunrise, 7/20/18

I do not know God like you do
Or you
Or you
Or, even, you.

As a youth, I thought I’d meet Him
In Church
Speak to Him through Prayer.
We’d all chant together.

This morning, when I finally woke
Something entered me
Not a Man, or a Woman, but Being.
It knit a whole.

I quietly sat and listened
To the words of poets: Rumi, Kinnell, Lawrence
Blake, Kabir and Thoreau
Until their words invited me outside.

Under foot, the sand cooled by the night
Awaited my imprint,
And the sky, wow! the Sky!
Spoke through remnants of storms.

An orange glow pressed through a veil
Spreading its light across the horizon
The edges of clouds painted purple
And the silence of a new day filled me.

Perhaps, like Kabir, who knew nothing shut iron gates
That new love couldn’t open and wake
The beautiful woman asleep beyond the clouds.
“Fantastic!” He says, “Don’t let a chance like this go by!”

So across lines in sand set by human machines
I leapt to stand awake and in awe
At some divine being now inside me
Ready to swim in the bay, as full as the sea.

With thanks to poetry found in The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart, edited by Robert Bly, James Hillman, and Michael Meade. Harper Perennial, New York, 1992.

May 29, 2018: Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge

Come to the Go Dog Go Cafe this week and share your thoughts on “The color of her blood was the least of my worries…”

Thanks Devereaux!

My Contribution:

The color of her blood was the least of my worries,
The color our blood made, a delta of throbbing flow
Two rivers carving up the earth relentless in pursuit
Of an ocean in need of salt. The rush of this pair
This need, worried me. Why can the single stream
Not carve land with adequate expression of faith?
When he drifted up to view the landscape written
In his tumble down to the sea, he saw half letters
Made complete in the delta of their blood a quill
That wrote new tales of life in fallow fields.

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Today’s prompt is a flash fiction that starts with: “The color of her blood was the least of my worries…” 

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Charioteer, before you stable your horses for the night
Reach out to the ghost like wisps of clouds drifting
Up to meet you before they fade into Sky and die.

Your children, I know, are these soft white specters
Seeking out a loving word from their father so busy
Everyday, with important work for us mortals.

See how their tears have dried them to just a thought
That I have watching them from the deck of my ship at sea,
Ocean’s gentle ripples, calm, for now, carry their wishes.

Charioteer, before you stable your horses for the night
Reach out to your children begotten by mortal lovers
Like half immortal souls looking for their substance.

These soft white specters, faded and drifting
Seek your love as if forgotten among many others
Who still mingle among us mere mortal workers.

We send our thanks along Ocean’s gentle ripples to you
And your Glory shines even as the end of your ride
Dulls you, tired, I can tell, from the deck of my ship at sea.

Charioteer, before you stable your horses for the night,
Before you release your last green dot of light to me
Pass along one loving word along Ocean’s ripples.

Your children, I know, will rest then, and know a pleasant
Demise. Touch them, and they will see their heavenly home.
Love them, and soft white specters they will be no more.

See how their tears have collected around me, raised me up
Fathoms above restless souls buried, eternal, among seaweed
So I can love you from the deck of my ship at sea.