Grey Line with Blue Black and Yellow, a poem by S Francis

Please, teach me about Georgia O’Keefe
So I can learn how to bloom. Spring
Calls out for reward, this winter endured.

Layers of purple pedals wrap a red sun
That embraces what remains of strength
With a warmth longing for exposure.

I dip my nose to smell the fragrance
Of desire kept stored in its green cage
That a whispered breeze breaks open.

Hinges so rusted the fall of a single tear
Might be enough to shatter brittle bonds
Holding back abdicated escape plans.

Georgia O’Keefe, teach me how to fall
Into this landscape so I begin to bloom.
Spring awaits. This winter long endured.

(C) Stephen Fuller, 2019

Through the Gentle Breeze, a poem by S Francis

In the comfort of a Welsh wool sweater
I brave the winter. Though it has turned
Its corner, the buds on trees still wait.
The seeds in dirt, too, long for warmth
Before they push out of their shells seeking
Sun. Yes, the branches of trees are barren
Still. Yet now, I look at them and see paths
I can follow to climb their trunks and reach
The tops where I know his music will sing
Through the gentle breeze of spring. Continue reading